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Book Recommendations

In 2018 I started keeping track of books that I read! Here are my top 10 favorites from each year since then, along with some themed lists. They're not in any order except for the order I read them in.

You can also find my full book lists with ratings at my goodreads account, but I already don't use Amazon for shopping so I'm like, do I want to keep using another of their products? So I'm sort of using Storygraph too, but life is a pickle sometimes!

2021 Faves

Total books for the year: 83.

2020 Faves

Total books for the year: 75. Between a pandemic and uprising and general sense of anxiety, it was a hard year for reading, but what I did manage to read was nearly all stuff I loved, making this a very tricky top ten!

2019 Faves

Total books for the year: 148, including, on a reflection, not a whole lot I loved in a lasting way. This top ten was not hard to narrow down.

2018 Faves

Total books for the year: 194, a number I will probably never hit again! I made this list in January 2019 and accidentally picked 11.

SpOoKy Reads

When the weather turns cooler and the daylight shortens, Spooktober has begun! Here are some fun reads for those eerie days, without being too scary because I can not handle that.

Approachable Non-Fiction

I have a hard time getting hooked by non-fiction that's too academic, but get frustrated with how much of pop history is obviously sketchily sourced/making major leaps without support. These are some of my favorite non-fiction books that at least mostly felt well done.