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Beverage Recommendations

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Here are some of my favorite wines to drink around the house! The prices listed are about what I pay for them here in Minnesota, varying up or down by a few dollars depending on the store.

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I am the only person I know that actually enjoys the ubiquity of IPAs, so I guess that's an FYI in terms of what I enjoy even in non-IPAs. On the other hand, I am decidedly not a fan of stouts! Here are a few specific beers I like best.

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Not included is the obvious gin & tonic, 2/3 of whose ingredients are in its name. Add some lime! There. Otherwise, here are some of my faves as a person who prefers herbal to fruity and doesn't love a sweet drink. A lot of these originally have a more sweetener in their recipes, which I have minimized or left out here because I leave the syrup out of most drinks I make, but YMMV.

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Wine Tasting Score Sheet

I put this sheet together so we could hold some wine tastings with friends and family at home! We find that a fun way to do it is to pick a whole bunch of the same type of wine (for instance, five Chardonnays, or five California pinot noirs), so you can really think about them in detail and compare, but as long as everyone has fun there's no wrong way to pick which wines you're trying.

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