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Acrylic paintings, from 2020 onward.

two cocktails in triangular glasses: on the left, a lumiere, on the right, a Prince of Wales
Lumiere and Prince of Wales in the craft room, Feb 11, 2022
one pink cocktail in a coupe against a green background
Italian greyhound, Feb 28, 2022
Cocktail in tall glass with lime slice
Gin & Tonic with lime, Feb 5, 2022
red cocktail in a hurricane glass
Strawberry daiquiri, Feb 5, 2022
two pink cocktails in small stemmed glasses
Nick & Nora Negronis, Feb 6, 2022
three cocktails (two in tall glasses, one in a small round glass), with a plate and a dish of salsa in the foreground. At front, a menu that says Hola Arepa Cocktails
Cocktail trio at Hola Arepa, May 29, 2022
Friend cat, March 2021
Rachel Carson Preserve, 2019
Green couch, April 2021
Raylan Givens, April 2022
Still life, 2019
Abstract self portait, 2018

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Block Printing

The Ladies Getting Ready series, March 2021
Dangerous Ladies, March 2021
Print done to celebrate the tenth anniversary of my book club, summer 2021
La Vie de Luxe, March 2021
William the Hippo, April 2021
Warhol Cats, March 2021
Steve Harrington, March 2021
Bright young things, May 2021

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Art for Abortions

In 2022 I participated in the spring Fund-a-Thon for Our Justice, my local abortion fund. I offered to paint donors' favorite cocktails as a thank you gift; here are the results!

Martini with lemon twist
Martini with lemon twist
Prince of Wales cocktail against a black background
Sam Adams glass with logo
Cranberry cinnamon winter punch, 5x7
Prince of Wales against blue tablecloth

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I carved this spoon and then rosemaled it as a gift for my sister, May 2022
Paper marbled by me in July 2021, and then I made the book out of old cracker boxes and scrap fabric later that summer.
Japanese stab binding with block printed covers, September 2021
Some more books, 2021
Flower mosaic on a paver, Fall 2021
Dinosaur mosaic on a paver, Fall 2021
Rosemaling on a wooden box. Box purchased at Michael's in 2013, painting done May 2022

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